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For Middle and High School Students

Starting to build a career plan? Looking for colleges? Ready to showcase your portfolio? Navigator makes planning for the future fun while providing the reliable college and career guidance you can count on.



Discover and build a career around your unique interests and skills.

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Improve career guidance and support students’ exploration.

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Middle School Students

  • Watch videos and read about all of the different careers you can explore.
  • Quiz yourself about your interests and discover how to connect them to careers.
  • Get ahead of the game by starting a four-year education plan.

High School Students

  • Search for colleges and financial aid to help you fulfill your goals.
  • Build a personal portfolio that’s all about you and what you can offer.
  • Create résumés, practice interviewing skills, and look for jobs.


  • Improve career guidance by reviewing career assessment results and portfolio materials.
  • Communicate with students and parents about important information and events.
  • Manage school- and district-specific education plans to meet state and local standards.

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